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Attributes of a Student Teaching Experience Term Paper

Attributes of a Student Teaching Experience - Term Paper Example For students to learn they must have tutors or teachers to take then through class work and other activities. Student-teacher relationship should be tailored towards improving the current status of the student both intellectually and morally and in a positive way (Hargreaves & Goodson, 2006). Teachers are supposed to prepare their students for the interdependent world that nowadays is a global village. Teachers while preparing students should put in mind that the students they are preparing are to be incorporated in this developing world where development has taken center stage. The theoretical part of the study should be practically practiced. This opens up the mind of students making them able to be open minded in their profession and effectively teach others in any part of the world. Learning is a gradual process which needs time and patience. People are different in understanding and grasping things when being taught. This calls for patience from the teacher. The lessons should b e systematic to avoid forgetfulness and enhance grasping crucial information by students. The teacher should put up a methodology which is applicable to students. This helps the students to move together, if in a group and at almost similar pace. The method being used by the teacher should be aimed at improving the students understanding of the topic or subject being taught. The capability of the teacher is well seen by the way he/she teaches. The method used should be easy to understand by the students. Communication is vital in exchanging information. The way a teacher communicates with the students will eventually make then understand or fail. It’s important for the teacher to ensure that the students do not realize your weak points because that will affect their psychological perception about you and even take you for granted. The seriousness you accord to your work and towards the students will always make students build enough confidence in you. The language being used by the teacher should be understood by the students putting in mind that the teacher should try to elaborate further if a point is not yet home. Students largely depend on their teacher for reliable information since they trust in their teacher and believe that whatever they are taught is true. The learning materials used should also portray the truth and similar information since people today work in different countries and therefore it will be easier for them if the same information is taught all over the world. The relationship between the teacher and the student should be morally upright and essentially meant to improve the student capabilities both in class and extra curriculum activities. There is also evidence in the long run of students studying in other parts of the world having been taught similar things in their respective schools returning and being able to cope well with the of needs and wants of the society experienced in the current job market. Flexibility and opennes s (Eduventures, 2008) and ability to apply creative solutions to classroom conflicts while promoting intercultural interdependence in their classrooms. The teacher should instill self-confidence and honesty to his/her students. Students who wish to be teachers also gain a better understanding of the broader nature of teaching as a worldwide profession and begin to realize that the basic skills and qualities of an effective teacher are universal. Putting

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U08a1 Galaxies Review Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

U08a1 Galaxies Review - Coursework Example The gravitational influence of mass contained within an orbit of a particular size determines the speed (and therefore period) of that orbit. So by measuring the period and size of the orbit, we can determine the mass inside the orbit. This is one method you can use to determine the mass of Jupiter (by looking at the orbits of its moons). Mathematically, the expression for the mass enclosed within an orbit of radius r is M = v2r/G, where G is Newton's gravitational constant and v is the orbital speed of a star at distance r. This concept works equally well for the orbits of stars and gas within spiral galaxies. By looking at the mass inside the orbit of stars or gas at different distances from the center of the galaxy, the mass of a galaxy as a function of radial distance from the center can be obtained from the rotation curve of the galaxy. 7. What are cosmic rays, and where are they thought to come from? Cosmic Rays are extremely high energy charged particles (usually protons) that travel the Universe at nearly the speed of light. Most galactic cosmic rays are probably accelerated in the blast waves of supernova remnants. This doesn't mean that the supernova explosion itself gets the particles up to these speeds. The remnants of the explosions, expanding clouds of gas and magnetic field, can last for thousands of years, and this is where cosmic rays are accelerated. Bouncing back and forth in the magnetic field of the remnant randomly lets some of the particles gain energy, and become cosmic rays. Eventually they build up enough speed that the remnant can no longer contain them, and they escape into the Galaxy. Because the cosmic rays eventually escape the supernova remnant, they can only be accelerated up to a certain maximum energy, which depends upon the size of the acceleration region and the magnetic field strength. 11. How do we know that spiral arms do not rotate like giant pinwheels? What makes spiral arms bright? Spiral arms are regions of stars that extend from the center of spiral and barred spiral galaxies. These long, thin regions resemble a spiral and thus give spiral galaxies their name. Either way, spiral arms contain a great many young, blue stars (due to the high mass density and the high rate of star formation), which make the arms so remarkable. We know that the spiral arms cannot rotate like pinwheels around the center of the galaxy because the inner stars would finish several orbits while the outer stars complete one. This would wind the spiral pattern up, which we do not see. The arms appear bright because of the enhanced star formation in them. The bright, bluer stars in particular make the arms bright since these stars do not live long and so die before spreading far from the arm in which they formed. Therefore spiral arms are bright because they contain many short-lived blue stars that shine for only a few million years. 21. The carbon in my diamond ring was once part of an interstellar dust grain. The carbon i n my diamond ring was once part of an interstellar dust grain. This statement is sensible. Much of the carbon in the interstellar medium is in the form of dust grains, so the carbon in the interstellar cloud out of which the Earth formed must also have been largely in the form of dust grains. 36. We measure the mass of the black hole at the galactic center from (a) the orbits of stars in the galactic cente

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Pay Raise Negotiation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pay Raise Negotiation - Essay Example t her future here is bright, that we hold her on high esteem and that we are ready to give her bigger responsibilities which we are confident she is ready to take on. I would point out that leaving the company now is not a good idea and ask questions like; Do you really think thank that leaving your project unfinished is the best thing to do? You have work on it for two years, and just when you are almost done you want to pack up and leave? You and I know what this project you are working on is worth and so you only cannot leave and then go to to start from scratch. You will have wasted two years of your life and who knows what could happen there? In addition, I would also say that she is leading the project and going to another company, she could be asked to work under someone else. I would also make a wise threat like â€Å"If you leave we will simply complete the project in a few months and we will be in business making lots of profits and having gained all the benefits of being pioneers in this field. Don’t you want to make this a success story?† I would tell her about the policy to freeze salaries because the company has been making losses and tell her that once the project is done and we start making profits all the employee salaries will be increased; Approximately 3 % salary increment. The package will be attractive and more than what she has been offered at to a sum of $270,000 per year. I would also bring about the problems involved in moving from Boston. According to (Garwood, 1984) Illinois has a high unemployment rate a factor that contributes to insecurity and crime. It is also easier to find accommodation in Boston than in Illinois because houses there are a bit more expensive. This in turn, makes the living expense in Illinois expensive. Boston also has good weather compared to Illinois. The startup business scene in Boston grew a lot in 2013 and its going to have an even bigger growth in 2014 according to (Kirsner,

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The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker â€Å"The Hurt Locker†, written by Mark Boal and directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Nominated and won for Best Picture, this award winning film captured the attention of many filmmakers and audiences for boldly showing the harsh reality of war and how a soldier deals with the horrors of war. â€Å"War is a drug†, a quote that this movie successfully reflects in its story and theme. The soldier associates war as some kind of drug that one must take to for keep going in life. This film emphasizes this through James, main protagonist of the story, who is a constant danger to himself and to others around him. The film is about an American army bomb disposal unit in wartime Iraq tasked with finding and disarming bombs in order to protect the local populace. The Hurt Locker also focuses on their struggles and victories in Iraq and portrays the life of the military. Not only does the Hurt Locker have a good story, but this film also implements many film techniques such as elements o f mise en scene, superb cinematography, and editing. I will talk about how â€Å"The Hurt Locker† deserves to be an Academy Award winner referencing these elements of film. The reason why this film is considered to be a great film is because of its emphasis on film technique. One of the elements portrayed in this film would be the incorporation of Mise en Scene. There are many examples of Mise- En -Scene used to create a sense of realism in the film. One I would describe the visual style would be gritty. Everything from the setting to the costumes were authentic enough that it added to the realism of film. In the beginning of the film, I would describe the actors as your typical jarhead in war films. As the film progressed however, they became rather complex. Each character has their own sense of values, some want to stay in Iraq and fight because they believe its the right thing to do while others, like James, the main protagonist, loves being a soldier and wants to stay in the chaos forever. The location of the filmed in Jordan, which is located a few clicks away from the Iraqi border. This helped created the realism and atmosphere it needed for film to be authentic as possible, which audiences love in war films. The scene that implements elements of Mise-en-scene would be the opening sequence of the film. The film opens with the quotation â€Å"The rush of battle is a potent and lethal addiction, for war is a drug†. The sequence is portrayed as a documentary film, having the camera act as if it were reporting a story on the soldiers rather than traditionally film a scene. The camera movements were rough and visuals were grainy. The lighting in this sequence was realistic, using frontal lighting to an area to create a natural environment and the color of the scene was neutral, which gave the impression that they were filming in a real situation. Being able to use mise en scene to convey a film’s message, theme, and symbols is such an enthralling experience, especially with the Hurt Locker. Achieving realism, you are able to guide an audience towards key narrative elements, and thus having a viewer’s such as me fully engaged. We want to know what it will be like to be a soldier like James and this film was able to take us into the action. This film was able to create the feeling of curiosity and suspense which adds to the many reasons why this film is great. Cinematography are one of the many film elements that contribute to this film’s success. To have a scene to be more suspenseful, the director incorporated different types of camera angles. The scenes that focuses a character on a personal level, the framing would be tight and concise. The most occurring thing in the film are bombs, this represents how the bad the world is. The soldiers themselves can be described as the ones who are morally good and are praised for it because they are considered the main focus of the film. I noticed that green and orange was the reoccurring color theme of the entire film. These colors represents the correlation between peace and chaos in the film. Green represents the goodness that the soldiers are bringing into the war. Orange is suppose to represent the chaos and violence that war brings to an area. The camera was constantly close to the action, giving more suspense to it. The distance of the camera in the establishing shot is a bit isolated as it tries to show every part of a given location, which makes every scene dramatic and shoves away visual beauty for harsh, honest realism. The film was shot on-location, so actual sunlight and fluorescents were used as the film’s source of light. The best example of light contrast would be the scene where there was a massive explosion. The fire was able to provide the light source and it perfectly contrast with the pitch black night. The supermarket scene would be the one that would be the most vital part of entire film. This scene’s cinematography was perfectly coordinated to convey the hollowness of the James as a person. It portrayed the contrast of the film by showing Jamess inner conflict between his civilian life and his life in the military. James has become someone who rather risk his life in the battlefield than living a normal life. The setting would be the focal point of contrast between the two worlds. In Iraq, danger is everywhere, poverty is prevalent, every step you take could be your last. Then the scene’s setting changes and see James walking around a supermarket. The place is filled with food and basically the opposite of what it’s like in Iraq. This contrast portrays these worlds as completely different things. Another things to portray a contrast between the two worlds would be the use of color. In the parts where it shows James in Iraq, the color of sand is used to repres ents the grittiness of his life in the military. Everything from the buildings to the uniforms, they all share the same color. On the other hand, the supermarket’s use of colors is your typical color scheme of an average store in America. The color distinction was done intentionally for to correlate the sandy color palette of Iraq to dirtiness and the white color scheme of the supermarket is associated with cleanliness. Cutting from Iraq to America emphasizes the nature trying to cope with living with war and returning to civilian life. This was done on purpose to have the audience feel confused. One moment James is talking about how he loves his job and another where James is back home, trying make assimilate back into the normal of a civilian. Overall, what James had to go through in the supermarket scene can relate to many soldiers who have been consumed by the horrors of combat. To them, trying to adjust to the normal life is just too hard for them. The supermarket scene describes that feeling perfectly. The techniques implemented were able to get into the emotional state of a war torn soldier who’s desperately trying to live a normal life. The feeling of being changed after emotionally intense events and feeling disoriented were drawn with detailed precision. James may be a ticking time bomb waiting to happen, but I think many soldiers can relate to what he’s been through. Editing can be a subtle, but powerful tool that enable filmmakers with a plethora of film decisions. Surprisingly, â€Å"The Hurt Locker† had little editing done on the film, maybe that it wanted content, rather than form. Instead of making any â€Å"fancy† editing to the film, keeping it to a minimal actually preserves the realism of its message. It takes advantage of some very simple techniques. In most films, if not all of them, the length of the cuts depends on the situation of the scene. The pacing of this film was usually slow. Whenever something dramatic or emotional is happening, the duration of the shots lengthen, to extensive proportions. An example of this would be the conversation between Sanborn and James after the failed attempt of disarming the bomb from a suicide bomber. Sanborn snaps saying that he can no longer deal with the stress of being a soldier. This scene was the most critical in defining two different characters. Lengthening the shot helped giv e a sense of realism to the scene. During the action scenes however, the pace of the film quickens and the length of the shots shorten. This creates the rush needed to keep the audience invested into the film. (CONCLUSION) The Hurt Locker is a very powerful film that deserves all the praise received of being an Academy Award Winner. The message that war can be used as a drug and soldiers themselves can be addicted to it has been prevalent throughout the film. This addiction has soldiers such as James to value war over anything else, including family. Personally thought the film’s topic was interesting because it focused on that impact a lot of people. The film has a good sense of projecting reality of what it is. It’s not the typical movie where it creates an illusion of fantasy where when the film is over, the audience returns to reality.

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Difference And Inequality Essay

City Road is a good place to investigate inequality and differences as it plays host to a variety of different people, businesses and cultures. Inequalities and differences can be observed just by walking along City Road in the changes that have taken place, in the people that we meet and in the shops that we see, and can be measured in in many different ways. Inequality is prevalent all over the world and can be for various reasons. To discover where inequality and difference can occur we can compare the lives and circumstances of different individuals by asking questions and looking deeper into their stories to see if there is a pattern, in doing so we can get a sense of how inequality can occur. In the first video we heard from John Arthur, a homeless resident of City Road. John tells us of his childhood and how he started to drink at a very early age, he tells us that as an adult he made bad choices and even spent time in prison for his actions. John explains how he never felt like he fitted in anywhere, and blames this on his earlier years. This example in my opinion shows an unequal distribution of circumstance and care as a child and has directly impacted his place in society as an adult. As we compare John Arthurs`s story to Mark Hocking the differences are immediately obvious. Mark`s circumstances and social standing are better than John Arthur`s because Mark Hocking is well known and has a respected and well known business. Mark Hocking tells us how he had a car repair garage which did well in the early days, and he even managed to sell a few cars from the forecourt, however due to larger car show rooms emerging Mark felt his place on the street was in danger so he took the opportunity to reinvent his business and is now a well-established company making bespoke architectural items to order. John Arthur and Mark Hocking are excellent examples of how different lives and circumstances can affect your place in society, and how inequality can occur just by where you are born and how it can create differences in opportunities and income. In conclusion Inequalities can be defined in many different ways, through culture, distribution of resources, wealth, social stature and opportunity and many more.

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You can say that Penelope Is the perfect representation of patience, loyalty and fidelity because thou knowing the true whereabouts of her husband she blindly trusts his return, and along the work we can see how rejected suitors presented In Its door. Here we can also see one of Its mall features, the cunning. And not only that, pride In her home and family, and features such as hospitality make her one of the most complete characters with Odysseus.Penelope knows how to act in such a way that inadvertently marry any of the suitors, an idea how to deceive them, keep them in your door, and take advantage in some way all these gifts and favors that made him. The loom of the lord Alerts, is one of the representations of Penelope intelligence. She tells her suitors that when you finish this loom knitting, she will choose who he wants to marry. Carefully every night she undid everything she wove in the morning. With this trick was tricking her suitors three years. She said to us: My lords, my Suitors, though Odysseus is dead and you are eager for me to marry, have patience till I complete this work, I do not want it wasted, this shroud for noble Alerts, ready for when pitiless death's cruel end overtakes him: since I fear some Achaean woman f this land would blame me, if he who won great wealth lay there without a shroud† (8. 11) We can see Penelope as a strong woman, she is the queen of Ithaca and knows the responsibility that entails, if she married another man, this would become the king of Ithaca.She is able to take her house and her family by herself, demonstrating great courage and strength. I could say it's in their own way, the other heroine of the Odyssey. In the work by comparing the story of Penelope and Odysseus with the story of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon see the obvious differences between the characters. Penelope and Clytemnestra were In the same situation, but react in completely opposite ways. While Clytemnestra betrays Agamemnon having being u nfaithful and finally killing him, Penelope Is faithful to her husband, waiting for him not knowing If he will return.This highlights even more the characteristics of Penelope, making It look Like a strong and sensible woman. â€Å"†¦ Most plateful was the voice I heard of Prism's daughter Cassandra, killed by treacherous Clytemnestra over me; but I lifted my hands and with them beat on the ground as I died upon the sword, but the sluttish woman turned away from me and was so hard hat her hands would not press shut my eyes and mouth though I was going to Hades'.So there is nothing more deadly or more vile than a woman who stores her mind with acts that are of such sort, as this one did when she thought of this act of dishonor, and plotted the murder of her lawful husband. See, I had been thinking home, but she with thoughts surpassingly grisly splashed the shame on herself and the rest of her sex, on women still to come, even on the one whose acts are virtuous. † (1 1. 2 1-434) The contradiction that we can find in the behavior of Penelope s precisely how she keeps her suitors waiting for her, but this is part of one of its main characteristics, which is the intelligence to handle the situation alone. While continuing to be faithful and loyal to Odysseus, get to take advantage of the suitors. If we focus on the position of women in society of ancient Greece, Penelope is represented as an ideal woman, example of charity, generosity, cunning and intelligence. Penelope takes an unprecedented role for this time, even though this behavior so we could get to find normal in our society.Homer represents Penelope as a heroine of Greek society. Makes her everything a Greek woman should do, keep fidelity and loyalty to her husband, but this is 20 years without returning home. She's at home, as a woman, but also we can see a man talking and arguing with them, something for which a Greek woman is not ready. This raises the idea that Penelope is partly oppressed by Greek customs but this is contradicted by his acting and bringing the situation, because she believes in the love she feels for Odysseus and that he will eventually return.A woman in Greek society should not be allowed to play such positions, Odysseus could have given power to someone who was not Penelope, but it is she who is in charge of the kingdom. With that Homer shows us his vision of the ideal woman Greek. Another sign of cunning and intelligence of Penelope is when she thinks about testing the arc. As Chris Emily-Jones says in The Reunion of Penelope and Odysseus led by the intuition that the beggar was really Odysseus invents arc test, knowing that the only one who could use it was him. Penelope had the intuition that the beggar was Odysseus by his dreams and the attraction they felt for him.The only thing that can make us doubt this situation is, why she gives up and wants to get married at that time? Why happened when Odysseus is there? Alex Cist in his article Penelop e Role in the odyssey shows us a comparison with Calypso, Retreat makes Circe and through this comparison Penelope is represented as a woman and ideal lover: ;However, in the Odyssey, most women fall into one of two categories in regards to their personalities and relationships with men: they were either loyal wives (Retreat) or alluring seductresses (Calypso, Circe).What makes Penelope special is that she possesses characteristics of both an ideal wife and an ideal lover†. According Cist, the idea of perfect love is took from the sentiment between Odysseus and Penelope, the union that exists between both makes this love a perfect love and the perfect union ; The unity of Their personalities, according to Odysseus, means they have a perfect love, their minds and hearts are unified†.And one more time, as I have said before, Alex Cist shows us strong the idea of Penelope ability to handle her situation with the suitors: ;Penelope entrapment of her suitors despite constantl y rejecting and spurning them shows that she has what it takes to steal a man's heart. And important distinction, though, between the queen and other seductresses is that Penelope does not do this consciously. † We can compare Penelope with Mary Bloom, its equivalent in the Ulysses written by James Joyce.Molly would be the opposite figure of Penelope; her life is marked by a precocity in the final monologue of this work. On the other hand you can not criticize this attitude, because it conveys a message of naturalness and Molly's character tries to get on with life despite having in his mind to her husband Finally, we can say that Penelope was a great woman, and an example of ideal woman n Greek society, that's how Homer wanted to show it to us.

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Arc of Justice Research Essay Example

Arc of Justice Research Essay Example Arc of Justice Research Essay Arc of Justice Research Essay Arc of Justice In the book, Arc of Justice, the stage is set in the growing city of Detroit in 1925. The racial tension during this time was extremely high, with the Jim Crow laws and segregation of whites and blacks. The setting is perfect for Ossian Sweet to move into an all-white neighborhood, cause a disruption, and begin a domino-effect of events causing him to have an important part in our nation’s history. The book begins with Ossian and Gladys Sweet, an African-American couple, just buying their first house. This was a common event for many people during this time period, but what was so uncommon about the Sweets’ home was the neighborhood their new house was in. The house on Garland Avenue was on an all-white street, in an all-white neighborhood. Ossian Sweet’s parents were practicing members of the African Methodist Epsicopal Church (a. k. a AME). Ossian grew up with this faith, which encouraged members to go to school and get a higher education. Sweet’s parents followed that and encouraged their son to go on to college, which Ossian did. He moved away from his family in Florida and went to Wilberforce, an all-black college in Ohio, to pursue a career as a doctor. Ossian and Gladys, after getting married, take a year-long trip to Paris. In Paris it is extremely obvious that there are no Jim Crow laws, like there were in the United States. The Sweets’ aren’t looked down upon because of their skin color by Parisians; they are treated like anybody else. â€Å"Simple courtesies that in the United States he would never have received: that’s what Ossian remembered from his springtime in Paris. (132) Returning to the US, to where they would go right back to being treated like inferiors, wasn’t easy for the Sweets’. Yet, Ossian was proud of his line of work and in Paris he had learned much more. He wanted to defy the Jim Crow laws and wanted to be treated like any other doctor, to live where other doctors live. Ossian and Gladys Sweet wouldn’t settle for a house in Black Bottom, whic h was the area in Detroit where many migrants from the South had no choice but to live. This was during the Harlem Renaissance; thousands of African-American families were looking for places to live. Landlords in Detroit knew this and they increased the prices on homes because they knew the desperate black families would be forced to pay such high prices. These homes were disgusting inside and families barely had enough room to move around. Therefore the Sweets’ decided that was no place for them and they were going to search outside the ghettos of Detroit until they found a nice house- suitable for a doctor- to live in. The small act of them buying the house on Garland caused anger to many of the white families living on that street. During this era the simple presence of just one black family on that street could drive the property value of all the neighboring homes down. â€Å"And everyone knew that when the color line was breeched, housing values would collapse, spinning downward until Garland Avenue was swallowed into the ghetto and everything was lost. † (17) The people living on this street weren’t exactly the â€Å"elite† of Detroit, so the fact that they were white was the only thing keeping them out of the inner city. During the 1920’s, black people lived in the inner city and white people lived on the outside of town. These white families would do whatever it took to get the Sweets to leave, in order to save their neighborhood. The police of Detroit were aware that a black family was moving into a house in an all-white neighborhood, and they knew that the white-families weren’t going to be welcoming of these newcomers. The first two nights the Sweets lived on Garland Ave, there were police officers stationed outside their house to protect them from potential mobs. The first night a mob formed, but they went home eventually. The second night, however, did not end so well. A mob formed again, this time though they began to throw stones at the Sweets home and one smashed through a window. The men upstairs shot into the crowd in an attempt to save the house. These officers turned the other cheek on the white families who began to harass the Sweets, their friends, and their family. It’s obvious that the police officers assigned to defend these poor people didn’t do their job, since the Sweet’s felt so threatened they ended up shooting two people- one fatally. This is, of course, the very event that made Ossian Sweet’s name go down in history. Ossian, his wife, and the other people in his house were arrested and taken to jail for murder, or instead for a clear act of self-defense. Henry Sweet, Ossian’s brother, ended up admitting to shooting during the police interrogation. Clarence Darrow heard about their case. Darrow was a very famous lawyer at the time; he had just been the defense attorney for the Scopes trial earlier that year and he agreed to take their case. The head of the NAACP, James Weldon Johnson, also heard about the trial; he knew that this case would be huge in gaining civil rights for African-Americans, especially since Clarence Darrow was defending them. Johnson decided the NAACP would help to fund the Sweet trial and support them all the way. Darrow questioned dozens and dozens of potential jurors, making sure they were perfect candidates- the right job, the right religion, even the right gender. He would dismiss them if they didn’t meet his qualifications. Since there were so many men on trial he had about 300 jurors at his disposal to search through and find the right people. Darrow needed the perfect jury in order to make sure these people weren’t charged with murder when they were only defending their house and themselves. Gladys had been released on bail after just a few days in jail, but the other nine men were on trial. After a long four weeks, with lots of fighting on between Darrow and Hays, the prosecution’s lawyer, the jury came to a decision. Five of the men, all of them but Ossian, Henry, and Leonard, would be acquitted of murder. The jurors couldn’t come to a unanimous decision about the other three. The judge declared the first trial a mistrial. There was then a second trial to decide Henry Sweet’s fate. The jury declared Henry not guilty. Since the trial was success, the NAACP held a convention to celebrate. They had many things they hoped to challenge, in hopes of black people gaining civil rights, one of which was challenging the Jim Crow laws. â€Å"Prejudice was still a mighty force, but its decline had already begun, and in time it would be defeated. (337) The NAACP starting working on their Legal Defense Fund, which was made possible by the Ossian Sweet trials, and trying their best to ban Jim Crow laws. Unfortunately, Ossian Sweet committed suicide after his wife died and never saw the end result of the movement that he had helped to start. The Sweet trials helped to start the NAACP’s success in breaking down the Jim Crow laws and start the civil rights movement. Through the suc cess of the trials and with the help of Clarence Darrow, the Sweets helped to start the desegregation of one of the racially tense countries in America.